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Secure your future with our Long-Term Rental Loans. At Frog REDI Financial Resource, we understand that steady, long-term income is the backbone of successful real estate investing. That's why we offer loans specifically designed to facilitate long-term rental property investments.

About Long-Term Rental Loans

Long-Term Rental Loans are specifically designed for real estate investors seeking to purchase or refinance rental properties for the long haul. These loans offer longer terms and competitive rates, making them ideal for investors looking for stable, long-term income streams.

Why Choose Frog Financial's Long-Term Rental Loans?

Our commitment at Frog REDI Financial Resource is to support your long-term investment goals. With our Long-Term Rental Loans, you can secure stable financing, lock in favorable interest rates, and generate consistent rental income over time.

Key Features

  • Competitive interest rates and extended loan terms
  • Financing for both property acquisition and refinancing
  • Designed specifically for long-term rental properties


  • Secure long-term financing with competitive rates
  • Facilitate long-term, stable rental income
  • Hedge against future interest rate fluctuations

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Common Scenarios for Long-Term Rental Financing

  1. Property Acquisition:  If you want to buy a rental property to generate long-term income, our Long-Term Rental Loans can provide the necessary financing.
  2. Refinancing: If you have an existing rental property and want to take advantage of current low rates, our Long-Term Rental Loans offer refinancing options to increase your cash flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

1What qualifies as a long-term rental property?
A long-term rental property is typically a residential or commercial property that's rented out for periods of 1 to 3 years or more, providing a consistent source of income to the property owner.
2What is the term length for a Long-Term Rental Loan?
Loan terms can vary depending on the specific loan and borrower's circumstances, but they typically range from 10 to 30 years.

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