About Frog REDI Financial Resource

Founded on March 15th, 2021, Frog REDI Financial Resource is the brainchild of Frankie the Frog and his team of seasoned business associates. This multi-million dollar mortgage company was established with the core mission of providing exceptional service to real estate investors, revolutionizing an industry in desperate need of change.

Our Story

The idea for Frog REDI Financial Resource was conceived when Frankie the Frog and his team gathered at their favorite pond to unwind over a few drinks. As they discussed the state of the loan industry, they realized that the traditional approach was failing clients and borrowers. Most professionals in the sector were driven solely by commission checks, often neglecting the very people they were supposed to serve.

Fueled by a desire to become the amphibians of change, the team set out to build a better "Bug Catcher" – a mortgage company that would genuinely benefit clients and borrowers in the real estate investment market, while simultaneously creating a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

Our Team

The Frog REDI Financial Resource corporate management team boasts over 60 years of combined experience in key areas such as business management, operations, IT data management, loan origination, loan processing, real estate investment, and project evaluation. Our team of experts has been instrumental in growing Frog REDI Financial Resource into a multi-million-dollar powerhouse.

Our Mission

At Frog REDI Financial Resource, we believe that three key elements are essential to revolutionize the loan industry:

Digitally managing the loan origination process to streamline operations and improve efficiency and security.

Marketing our services to a nationwide database of clients and borrowers, ensuring everyone has access to our exceptional offerings.

Treating every client and borrower with the utmost respect and providing superior service at every step of the journey.

Our Achievements

Since our inception two years ago, we have made significant strides in addressing the challenges faced by borrowers seeking investment property loans. We are currently revamping one of the premier loan software platforms to enhance our services. Additionally, we are collaborating with developers to create supplementary software platforms that better serve and protect borrowers throughout the loan process.

Frog REDI Financial Resource unwavering commitment to excellence has enabled us to expand our services to 47 states, offer a vast selection of loan options and lender types, and provide support in multiple languages by recruiting bilingual Affiliate Loan Consultants. Our innovative approach and dedication to client satisfaction have propelled us to become a multi-million-dollar mortgage company, with an estimated annual loan volume exceeding $233,500,000.

Join us in our quest to transform the loan industry and make a real difference for real estate investors across the nation. Choose Frog REDI Financial Resource, where service, integrity, and innovation come together to create a multi-million-dollar mortgage experience.